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Callum Smith is a professional boxer. He holds a record of 27 wins, no losses, and 19 knockouts.

Callum Smith

Exploring the dynamic world of professional boxing, Callum Smith stands out with his impeccable record and reputation for power. This British super-middleweight sensation has captured the attention of fight fans worldwide, boasting an unblemished record that speaks volumes of his skill and determination inside the ring.

Smith’s career is a testament to his hard work and precision, making him a force to be reckoned with among his peers. With accolades including the prestigious Muhammad Ali Trophy and the WBA title, his journey through the ranks of boxing has been nothing short of remarkable. As he continues to defend his position at the top, enthusiasts and sports analysts closely follow his every move, anticipating his next challenge and the thrilling performances that surely follow.

Early Life And Background

The story of Callum Smith, a riveting figure in the boxing world, starts in the heart of Liverpool, England. His early life laid the foundation for what would become a remarkable career in the ring. Let’s take a closer look at Callum’s origins, his family’s influence, and how his fists first met the gloves.

Family And Upbringing

Callum Smith grew up in a family deeply rooted in boxing. Born into a family of fighters, Callum found role models in his three older brothers. They all excelled in the sport. Callum’s upbringing was steeped in the sweet science from a young age. His family provided a strong support system that would later prove invaluable.

Introduction To Boxing

Smith caught the boxing bug early on. By age nine, he was already throwing jabs and hooks. He honed his skills under the tutelage of skilled coaches. The pedigree of the Smith family shone through Callum as he matured. His talent quickly became apparent to all who watched him train and compete. His dedication and skill earned him a reputation and a growing fan base.

Callum Smith Vs Canelo

In one of the most high-profile bouts of his career, Callum faced the formidable Canelo Alvarez. The whole world watched as they went head-to-head in the ring. With grit and determination, Smith showcased his mettle against the Mexican superstar. Though he did not secure victory, his performance added to his repute. Fans eagerly await the announcement of Callum Smith’s next fight.

Quick Facts Details
Net Worth Callum Smith’s achievements have also contributed to a substantial net worth.
Next Fight Fans are looking forward to hearing news about Callum Smith’s next fight.
Age With each passing year, Callum Smith’s age becomes a testament to his experience in the ring.

Boxing Career

The fists and footwork of Callum Smith have carved a significant space in the world of boxing. His rise from an eager amateur to a professional powerhouse boasts a record of triumphs and challenges that have both defined and refined his career in the ring.

Amateur Career

Every champion starts with a dream, and Callum Smith’s began in Liverpool, England. With gloves on and eyes set on glory, he honed his craft, stacking wins and earning a reputation as a formidable contender. Notable achievements include:

  • Winner of the 2010 ABA Championships at 75 kg
  • Represented Great Britain in international tournaments
  • Commonwealth Games competitor in 2010

Professional Career

Callum Smith transitioned to professional boxing with a display of power and precision. His dedication and relentless work ethic quickly paid off in the form of multiple victories, earning him a spot among boxing’s elite. Highlights include:

Year Title Result
2015 WBC Silver Super Middleweight Won
2017 European Super Middleweight Won
2019 WBA (Super) Super Middleweight Won

His spotless track record is documented on callum smith boxrec, showcasing his climb up the professional ladder.

Notable Fights

The boxing ring is a stage where legends are made, and Callum Smith has had his share of memorable duels. Among these, certain bouts stand out:

  1. Victory against George Groves (2018) for the WBA (Super) Super Middleweight title.
  2. Defensive win over John Ryder (2019), highlighting his skill and resilience.
  3. Despite a tough fight, Callum Smith’s loss to boxing phenomenon, Canelo Alvarez, displayed Smith’s heart and sportsmanship (2020).

Each fight reflects the grit and dedication that Callum Smith brings to boxing, encapsulating the spirit of a true champion.

Achievements And Recognition

Callum Smith has made outstanding strides in the world of boxing. His career boasts remarkable achievements and widespread recognition. Smith sets an impressive standard for fighters everywhere. Not only has he faced big names inside the ring, but he has also secured major titles that set him apart from his contemporaries.

Major Titles Won

  • WBA Super Middleweight Champion: Smith captured the world title with a commanding performance.
  • Ring Magazine Belt: A prestigious award that solidifies his position at the top.
  • British Super Middleweight Title: Smith dominated the local scene before scaling globally.
  • European Super Middleweight Champion: His reign in Europe was a testament to his skill and determination.
  • WBC Diamond Belt: This was another jewel added to his growing collection of accolades.

Rankings And Accolades

Ranking Body Position
WBA (Super Middleweight) Former World Champion
Ring Magazine Highly Ranked

In the thrilling event of Callum Smith vs Beterbiev, Smith displayed sheer resilience and skill. His performance earned him recognition as a fierce competitor on the global stage. In the eyes of fans and experts alike, Smith’s name is often paired with the sport’s elites. Valor and technique define his journey.

Callum Smith’s support system includes his wife, who stands with him through thick and thin. The champion’s achievements are not only his own but also a shared celebration with his loved ones, especially his wife who has witnessed his relentless pursuit of greatness.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Callum Smith

Who Is Callum Smith?

Callum Smith is a professional British boxer. He has held multiple championships in two weight classes, including the WBA (Super) super-middleweight title.

What Is Callum Smith’s Boxing Record?

As of my knowledge cutoff in early 2023, Callum Smith’s professional boxing record includes 27 wins, with the majority being by knockout, and 1 loss.


When Is Callum Smith’s Next Fight?

The date of Callum Smith’s next fight has not been officially announced. Fans are advised to check sports news and his official social media for updates.


What Weight Class Does Callum Smith Fight In?

Callum Smith primarily fights in the light heavyweight division. He previously competed and was a champion at super-middleweight.



Wrapping up, Callum Smith stands out as a remarkable figure in his respective domain. His journey offers ample inspiration and lessons worth noting. For those intrigued by his story or the field he excels in, Smith’s trajectory is a clear example of dedication to meeting success.

Keep an eye on this space for more updates and insights about influencers like Smith making waves.

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