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Barcelona Vs Girona Match Highlight


When it comes to Spanish football, the rivalry between FC Barcelona and Girona FC might not be the first one that comes to mind, but it is a rivalry that encapsulates the spirit of the game and add an extra layer of excitement whenever these two Catalan teams face each other. In this blog post, we’ll explore the history of this fixture, memorable matches, and what makes the Barcelona vs Girona clash so special.

The History Behind the Rivalry

The origins of the Barcelona-Girona rivalry can be traced back to the early 20th century. However, it’s a rivalry that has picked up in intensity in recent years, particularly as Girona FC has enjoyed periods of success that have brought them into Spain’s top football division, La Liga.

Comparison Over the Years

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Season Competition Barcelona Wins Girona Wins Draws
2017/2018 La Liga 2 0 0
2018/2019 La Liga 1 0 1

Memorable Matches

    • September 23, 2017 – La Liga: Barcelona met Girona for their first-ever La Liga encounter. Barcelona won 3-0, with two own goals from Girona.
    • February 24, 2018 – La Liga: In the return fixture, Barcelona dominated with a 6-1 victory, solidifying their stature as one of the strongest teams in Spain.

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Barcelona Vs Girona


Key Players and Tactics

Both teams have had players that significantly impact the dynamics of the matches between them. Barcelona’s squad, often filled with world-class talent, usually stands in contrast to Girona’s hardworking and disciplined team.

Barcelona’s Key Players:

Names like Lionel Messi, who has now left the club, and Gerard Pique, have been pivotal in past encounters. The current squad, including rising stars like Ansu Fati and Pedri, continue to uphold Barcelona’s reputation for beautiful football.

Girona’s Key Players:

Girona, on the other hand, has prided itself on teamwork but also has had standout performers such as Cristhian Stuani, whose goals have been vital for the team in previous seasons.


The “Catalan Derby”

Although the Barcelona vs Girona fixture might lack the historical intensity of the El Clásico against Real Madrid, it has been termed the “Catalan Derby” by some fans and media. It showcases the pride of Catalonia and is a representation of the region’s passion for football.


What to Expect in Future Encounters

As Girona continues to establish itself in La Liga, future encounters promise to be more competitive. Barcelona, amidst a period of transition, will look to reassert their dominance in Spain and Europe, whereas Girona will be keen to upset the balance and claim their stake as a force in Catalan and Spanish football.


FAQ on Barcelona Vs Girona

What Time Does Barcelona Vs Girona Start?

Barcelona and Girona fixtures typically kick off according to the La Liga schedule, often in the late afternoon or evening local time.

Where Can I Watch Barcelona Vs Girona Live?

Barcelona vs Girona can be viewed on various sports channels and streaming services that have broadcasting rights, like LaLigaTV or local providers.

Who Won The Last Barcelona Vs Girona Match?

The winner of the last match between Barcelona and Girona can be found on sports news websites or the official La Liga site for the most recent results.

Is Messi Playing Against Girona?

Lionel Messi’s participation against Girona depends on his current team commitments as he is no longer with Barcelona and fixture schedules.


The Barcelona vs Girona rivalry might not have the long and fraught history of other Spanish football derbies, but it has all the ingredients for fantastic football. As both teams continue to grow and evolve, we can only expect this fixture to become more thrilling with each match.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in the Barcelona vs Girona story!

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